Staying on top of all this information is challenging. We created an improvement cycle that is driven as much by the user as it is by new data.

This 3 part process keeps our tool not just up to date but assist better whoever uses it. In short, it learns from its users what is essential and what not.

Part 1

We extract and structure data with a particular group of algorithms. The machine learning gives us an agile way to cluster and compare information for the benefit of the user.

Part 2

We choose to create a User Experience that is as much data-driven as it is user-driven. Our Interface has a choice selection of interactive visuals that show the information in a unique way.

Part 3

The information we gather during your searches and what you focus on help us to improve the system. Your information helps our tool to understand how to structure data better, and that helps us better visualise the information for you.